Help for patrons

1. How do I ensure that my donation reaches the schools?

Each school page is directly tied to the establishment's bank account. Bank accounts are accessible by children's parents.

2. What are the management fees for Koy okulum? What are their purposes?

Koy okulum collects management fees on each donation around 9%. These fees are useful for paying maintainance, infrastructure and platform costs as well as following up schools and patrons (conferences, school visits, …). We will guarantee total transparency on the impact of your donations. Even if the organization has many benevolent members, we need a dedicated team to ensure the best services to schools and patrons.

3. Where do I find my donations and tax receipts' history?

You can find all of your donations and corresponding tax receipts into your account. You will also find the list of the schools you have supported.

4. I want to invest and become a benevolent member, who can I contact?

In order to become an ambassador of Koy Okulum in your region and take part of the team, write us an email from the contact page.

Help for schools

1. How can I create a school page?

Before creating a school page, you have to be validated by the administration as a school teacher/director from the school you want to add. Documents must be provided. Contact us through the contact page if you intend to create a school page.

2. Is it free to create a page for my school?

The school page creation is absolutely free. You just need to animate your page in order to nurture trust between you and the patrons and display patrons' names in your school.

3. Why can't I create several goals at once?

It is important to give feedback to patrons so they can see the impact of their support. In order to avoid abuse, you can create new goals only if your first goal has been fulfilled and that you have put proofs (pictures, videos…) on how you used the donations.

4. What are the proofs that I have to send in order to validate the fulfilled goal and the right donations usage?

Proofs are made up of two key elements:

  • a buying proof (purchase receipt for instance);
  • any news with pictures, videos, that you would share with the community.